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I create different crafts, from helicopters to boats, from sportcars to jet fighters. Hate replicas in many cases because they kill creativity. SO ONLY FICTIONAL ONLY xHARDCOREx (not all understand). Like create stealth fighters, general aviation and elite cars because jast cars for beggars. In cars use many features as: smart 4wd, worcable gearbox, active aerodynamics, smart steering and etc etc etc for better realism.

Some information about me
Gender: male
Country: Russia, North Caucas Federal District
Age: 21
Nation: ??????? ( russian is not correct translation, as I think more correctlu to say rus)
Favorite music jenre: trallpunk, oi, ska

and i am skinhead 🌚🌚🌚

Pulling on the boots, and threding up the laces,
Shaving our heads, and strapping on the braces.
There you have a skinhead, looking for a fight,
Skinhead, skinhead, running through the night.