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  • New Website Feature 1.7 years ago

    Seriously, what is this FACEBOOK? Upvoting comments? LAME
    How about we concentrate our energies on adding more weapons to the game or more parts?

  • A-10c Thunderbolt II 23 days ago

    Upvote for detail but as for flight. It's like a brick and has nearly no lift.

  • Someone Is Converting SP Replicas Into 3d Models And Trying To Sell Them 27 days ago

    Wow you deleted an account!?!? Super victory! Oh wait... They can just open another account... Under another name, another IP, another purchase of the game under fictitious credentials with the money they made from those "models" he/she had made.
    You got all excited like you conquered something, then you got WOKE.

  • The Quality You’ve All Been Asking For 5 months ago

    If there was a downvote I would click it

  • New beta - 1.8.3 (Steam today, mobile tomorrow) 6 months ago

    Thank you and your team for all the updates. Do not be discouraged by people wanting more. They only ask for more because they love what you have created. They just can't wait for more of your excellence.
    Thank you for SP and SR/SR2

  • Sodium chloride 6 months ago

    Why is this guy getting all salty bro?

  • Celebrities 1.5 years ago

    I don't see this as political. It is just politicians or spawns of Satan. Whichever you prefer to call them. I am not against any singular politician, just all politicians.
    Or you could just ask which of these are the worse of the evils...

    Oh and Trumps hands are WAAAAAAY smaller than that!

  • Jet Engine 4 months ago

    I am attempting to make a Mod myself. Unity isn't playing nice on my iMac (the simpleplanes mod tools are not loading correctly, I have to manually install them, for some reason they disappear and end up somewhere else where they don't belong)
    Anyway... I have always wanted wings that were more realistic. That is what I will be working on if no one else beats me to it. Curved airfoils, flaps that look and operate properly. Spoilers... You know the parts. Just have to implement it all.

  • A Bionic Bird 5 months ago

    I was seconds from being pissed because I thought you took my most recent post idea and just added to it. NO! YOU DID 1,000,000 better!
    You made one seriously awesome bionic bird. I love the mechanics to it. The annoying sound of a magnet is troublesome but hey, with ingenuity things can't always be perfect 1st time around.
    Seriously, this is one amazingly creative build. I especially like the wing flap movement. I couldn't figure out a way to make it circle like that. Just didn't see it in my head to put it into a build.
    Thank you for making this and sharing it.

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 2 months ago

    It's sad when you have the most votes on a craft, yet your overall score is only "29K"
    Somehow that is wrong.

  • Microsoft is Returning to Flight Simulation!!! (NOT CLICK BAIT) 3 months ago

    It's fine to post this. Jundroo has no worry that somehow this would lose customers. Simple Planes is not about flight simulation as much as it's about creativity and community. Sure flight sims can be fun but building your own craft is way better!

  • [WEBW] CF-18 3 months ago

    Ok so I decided to download it. To my surprise it didn't lag on my mid 2011 iMac. WOW!
    Though, it does fly like a brick and why couldn't the builder just set all the landing gear to retract when you select "Landing Gear"!

  • S-150 (SA-2 Griswall) Surface-to-Air Missile 4 months ago

    @ ErvenDynamics
    (@Davindesu Ditto!)
    Fire Weapons doesn't work and I can't see any detacher or pylon in x-ray to launch this. So, how the heck do you launch it when no "lock on" occurs when a plane is spotted?

  • SR2 is now on Steam 10 months ago

    Nathan, Philip, William, Kevin, and Andrew
    Nice to see the whole group. Defiantly makes it more enjoyable to see who made the games I spend hours playing and I enjoy deeply.

  • Mike Patey’s view on the crash of Draco 4 days ago

    Glad he is unhurt and alive! Amazing aircraft. I love the Draco.

    I bet he has a streak in his underwear. I know I would lol

  • Don't screw with the SP community 27 days ago


  • Variable wing one month ago


  • SimpleFloods one month ago

    Climate Change Map

  • HTACS-4 one month ago

    Super Sweet VTOL

  • I'am having fun 4 months ago


  • Jet Engine 5 months ago

    Best engine ever. Once this is tweaked a little more and ready to go live... It should immediately. This makes the current available engines look like 8bit chumps.

  • MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, 2017) 5 months ago

    Thank you for the Upvote

  • Request 5 months ago


  • Announcement 5 months ago

    What a BURN! @AndrewGarrison I seriously thought you were pausing working on SP & SR2. THANK YOU for not doing that!

  • New Steam patch is live, v1.8.304 6 months ago

    So far so good on my Mac.
    Nice to have my locations back :)

  • SwitchBack (v0.1) 6 months ago


    Please use this one because, I meant the exhaust to be green. IDK about you but, I think it looks cool that way.

  • P-55 Ascender 6 months ago

    You said Butt Ender lol
    That is exactly what I was thinking... Sort of, I said Butt prop in my head.

  • XV-52 Switchback 6 months ago

    Oh of course do it!
    I always get hung up on ideas of improvement.

    I actually got the idea of how it flies from a movie I didn't even finish watching the other day. Wish it flew exactly how it did in the movie but the physics wouldn't allow it. Plus it's a movie so I don't think it would work in real life anyway without being some UFO/Alien styled propulsion.

  • HV-49 Chicken Hawk 6 months ago

    Thank you!
    I really like @blueangelproduction creations so I adapted one of the aircraft's.

  • AV-94A Strike Falcon 6 months ago

    Seriously, I am gonna try making some planes by following your artistic attributes.
    What I don't understand is how you make such nice planes and don't have a ton more votes.
    COME ON! Look at this joker.
    He gets mad upvotes and that thing is garbage compared to yours. Not to mention he can be a dink as a MOD.

  • AV-94A Strike Falcon 6 months ago

    Ok, my personal opinion. Awesome design, very attractive aircraft with a great weapons load out. Though, the flying is a bit wonky and landing is a nightmare! Maybe some flaps would help out with the low speeds when landing. I didn't check your CoG so maybe thats why she flies a bit like a see-saw. In real life she probably would beat an F-15/16/&18.
    Smile cause you make some awesome crafts!

  • Satellite launch v1.0 1.7 years ago

    So should I print off the directions to be able to fly this thing??? Geez bro

    Works Awesome!

  • Nimrod MR2 (Falklands Variant) 2.1 years ago

    Well, they are still flying the P-3's for awhile. Their is an airshow that ended today, they had the P-3 and it's replacement, the P-8. I always give the finger to the new P-8. It's because I was a P-3 gas Turbine Mechanic for 10 yrs. So, the P-3 can't do it, so I do it for her :)

  • "Pancake" Anti-Fleet Missile 4 days ago

    I think you won the missile challenge :)

  • Turret control 16 days ago

    Jundroo put this person on the payroll!!!

  • Bird of Prey 19 days ago

    @DangerJones Whatever you like

  • Realistic Glitch Flying Boeing 737-800 one month ago

    @thepilot04's Thanks for making this 737-800 so I could add in the modern glitch their having.

  • On the topic of account creation. one month ago

    I don't need your reasons. You are overboard therefore you will have an excuse for everything. *mic drop

  • On the topic of account creation. one month ago

    @Tully2001 Also, one last thing to add. Way to have my "Bio" removed.

  • On the topic of account creation. one month ago

    @Tully2001 To me you are doing what left wing Liberal Socialist Democrats do. Claim to be helping but, in actuality are enforcing what you feel is the law. Which, in turn kills creativity and discourages open discussion.
    I picture you as that person who goes to work and thinks they know each company policy and then forces others to follow them even though you have no true grasp on the matter.
    Kind of like when you go to a store to buy beer. They check ID for your age. Because it is the law. Here comes Tully carding anyone with that person buying the beer. Because, somewhere you HEARD it was company policy to card anyone with the customer, so you started enforcing it.
    When someone asks you to see the company policy you tell them to "pack sand" because you are the "Pythia" (Oracle of Delphi) or you will call the cops.

    I have watched you do it to me and others. You take the community rules out of context to serve your own agenda. You take pride in being a cyber bully.
    What will make this a better place is if you take your Communistic North Korean ideals and pack sand.

    Oh and I don't know if you do things in your life. Far as I know you sit on your computer all day policing SimplePlanes from what I can tell.

  • lockheed martin F-35B one month ago


  • On the topic of account creation. one month ago

    @Tully2001 WHY? WHY are you such a nut about following the rules???
    Is your life in such chaos you need to structure those around you and even online? Is it OCD? Dude you really bug me. Seriously, you live one life, is this how you want to spend it? Enforcing the rules.
    Honestly, I would get professional help bro, you are not alone. We all have mental issues that prevail us. The strong ones get help.

  • lockheed martin F-35B one month ago

    Saved in my SimplePlanes ROLODEX! Absolutely Awesome!

  • Top Gun: Maverick Trailer one month ago

    @thefalkenreich The F-8 was a cool idea and designed for the needs the Navy requested but, only one cool plane in that era of Naval aviation existed in my opinion. The F-4 Phantom.

  • Top Gun: Maverick Trailer 2 months ago

    HOW DARE YOU! Tarnish the Navy's good name like that with Airforce aircraft ;)
    They are cool but never as rugged as Naval airplanes.

  • Top Gun: Maverick Trailer 2 months ago

    @thefalkenreich I hope someone has a feasible answer because, I don't want to see someone say he's flying a U-2 or anything else Airforce related.

  • Top Gun: Maverick Trailer 2 months ago

    First off the Joint Strike Fighter is a single engine ugly pos. Secondly all F-14's are decommissioned except for in Iran. ROFL Maybe they have one or two they could borrow for the movie. As I see in the trailer there is one at the very end.
    As for the F-14. They are cool until you have to hear them screaming by your hanger all day in 85F heat with 80%+ humidity while your doing maintenance.
    So what should he fly? A drone LOL

  • Top Gun: Maverick Trailer 2 months ago

    @DuckMint Scientology magic and botox

  • REMOVED 2 months ago

    @ThePrototype Yes it is true. I have one that follows my every move and then doesn't follow others. So, I would say that MOD is a discriminating abuser of power.

  • REMOVED 2 months ago

    @Nickr Some potato brained liberal censored it. Probably that Tully2001 guy.