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I started a new serie: here

A little bit about me:

  • Since 8 February 2019
    -14 years old, and obsessed with planes almost since my birth
    -To be honest I think I'm a bit of a perfectionist (with stuff like lining up blocks), even though some things aren't that precise at all 😅
    -I like to add some gadgets to planes sometimes

    -NOT a pro builder, just doing the best i can do, so please do not criticize me too hard

Questions should be asked here

Build requests HERE

  • be sure to upvote :P


Have a build with 5 upvotes-DONE
Have a build with 10 upvotes-almost: Aeromobil 3.0 has 9
Have a build with 250+ downloads-Done: Aeromobil 3.0 has about 270
Have a build with 500+ downloads

Builds that need more attention:

cargo bomber 2
The 1967 Gyro x car
A cool Monstertruck!

My newest upload