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Welcome to my bio! As you can see I am a novice at SP, but hopefully soon I will make better builds and stuff. Mildly active for now (sp projects take a while to make so I haven't really been uploading as rapidly). I hope to reach 100k points someday...

Favorite Planes

-F/A-18C Legacy Hornet
-F-15C Eagle
-Su-30 MKK
-Su-30 MKI
-Su-33 Flanker-D
-A-4M Skyhawk
-F-4C Phantom II
-E-2A Hawkeye
-F-86D Sabre Dog
-F-35A Lightning II
-F-35B Lightning II

Top Gun Build Squadron

I am the "Maverick" of the team.

Previously known as Boeing7673, Boogly777, KorgonAviation, YesMyFriend, Fox00One, MiiniWi