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I am Abradolf Lincler and I live on the planet Petnune, 2000 light years away from your small pathetic rock full of slavic vodka and lack of oil

my previous account was MetalHead666 and i regret deleting it, i look at videos that have my old creations in it and i cry...

i own 2 of what i like to call companies, Dablo and Penumbra. Dablo for planes and Penumbra for cars, i had Scort for cars but i changed it

i love cars and i love building them! i'm not very good with details and curves but i do my best, often it takes me hell of a lot to get inspired to make my own car, and i'm usually too lazy to build replicas, but when i do build a car i try to make it as good as i can, visually, handling and performance-wise.

Upcoming Builds:
Taking a Break

favourite car manufacturer:

favourite supercar manufacturer:

Dream cars:
Nissan 350z
Aston martin V12 Vantage
Jaguar F-type
Audi RS6
BMW E39 M5
Mclaren 720s

anyway here's some stupidly unfunny memes i made

ON MY SCREEN I CAN ONLY SEE ONE OF THEM, THERE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE EIGHT! WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING? please notify me with a comment or something if you CAN see all of them so i don't start looking for other links