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My Simple Rockets 2 Account

Leader of "Maelström"

Membre de la "Communauté Francophone de SimplePlanes" (CFSP)
Member of the "Communauté Francophone de SimplePlanes" (CFSP)

Me: Bad cheated (XML modded) planes, bad cheated boats, and bad cheated vehicles. I am the founder and owner of the CreuiRecta.

Also part of SimpleLandia, my number being "000103"
In the SimpleLandia community, I am the Vice-President of The Los Angeles Republic under president BlackhattAircrafts

I am fine and making planes with a little detail (but not these 1000 part planes) but I can never make them fly well (without using XML modding).

Also, I learned how to XML mode. If anyone wants an XML modded object, I will create it for you with pleasure. I can do things like changing guns ammo limit, firing speed, burst speed, bullet color, or add more blade counts to propellers and much much much more. Just order here. :-)

This is a list of planes I am planning on making. No account required to view.

My friends:

-@BlackhattAircrafts = I know him in real life, and he is one of the people who presented Simple Planes to me.
-@Bronanna = He is the second person who presented simple planes to me, and I know him as well in person.
-@Rodrigo110 = He makes awesome planes. I've been helping him with XML modding because he is an IOS user, and he builds incredible stuff, especially for an IOS user.
-@Strikefighter04 = He is the leader of SimpleLandia, and SimpleLanida and Maelstrom have been working alongside. Strikefighter is also nice and has helped me with some builds.
-You = If you want to be my friend.

Mods completed:


Mods in progress:

-Francene Island - 85% Complete
-Pasa Archipelago (Canceled [I guess] )
-Canyon challenge - 10% Complete

About me...

-I’m French
-I speak French
-I live in the US...
-That’s kind of it to be honest...