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Hey there! Welcome! I am Trisha the Owl, Main Director of the Deutschland forces and design. My role it to design and approve designs from German and foreign companies working for our nation.

(Main premise of my designs- My "RP" is that German had survived the First World War that ended in a draw. And it also survived the Great depression by a hair. Now its the late 1940's, the only war we have had was with a nation called Raidilian. [Tech]Mostly we are using prop aircraft and a few jets. We broke up the sea fleet in order to build a sky fleet. These amazing ships are able to stay up with the help of a electrically charged gas, a gas that was discovered in the early 20's. Oil is somewhat slim since the Middle East has broken up with the fall of the Ottoman Empire and have divided up to their natural borders. But, they are not exporting whats under their feet. This shortage has made public transport the main transport for our citizens and jets are in limited numbers from it.] I hope you enjoy my aircraft!