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On Jan, 28, 2018 _Technion was created to assist the Simple Landia country with a technology agency In order to create and provide the technology and protection it needs to be a nation.

The way we work

  • The point in _Technion is to connect players and help each other learn how to work together, also we try our best to present never before seen builds.
  • Here at _Technion we hope everyone has fun, and any one who is a member is allowed to start a _Technion Build project simply by posting an unlisted post and tagging other _Technion engineers to help them, this post will either go into The Hall Of Fame or Team Builds which are both located in The Build Hall

Join (here)

Our Discord (here)

  • General Chat
  • Tactical media aircraft
  • Tactical media watercraft
  • Tactical media spacecraft
  • Project showcase
  • Screen shots
  • Memes
  • Help build room
  • Credit to @Mostly for creating the Discord!

_Technion Official Chat/Build Room (here)

  • The _Technion Build Room is where engineers from _Technion will tag each other and build "group builds".
  • The finish upload will be by the original author of that project.
  • _Technion ChatRoom Discord (here)

Multiplayer Games (here)

  • Yes there will be a server
  • Yes there will be games and
  • Yes I’m not lying

_Technion team (here)

_Technion Employment (here)

_Technion user voice (here)

  • Kind of like the SimplePlanes UserVoice
  • you make a comment of your idea and others can upvote that comment, kind of like a voting system.

_Technion Build Hall (here)

  • This is where all Builds/Parts/Subassemblys by _Technion members are.

Engineer badges room (here)

  • This is where you can see the badges you’ll earn for being an engineer