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i like build fictional planes more than replicas.

im actually making the avro lancaster and som little projects maybe a "big project" soon

Hello i make mobile friendly planes , hope everyone enjoy them.


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Info about me:

I have bad grammar sorry if sometimes i make a question wrong or have a bad grammar :(
status:i am active just in the morning and in the night when i have school. When i dont have i am active in the morning,afternoon and night(lol)
The longest time I've put into building an airplane:5 days
the time I want to put in the construction of an airplane:1 week
the highest parts that I used in the construction of an airplane:236 (LK bomber)
the parts I want to use in a plane:300 or 250 (maybe in 1 month)
I speek spanish

Future buildings/ideas

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fly safe

Actual work:click

Maybe gonna be more active