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i like build fictional planes more than replicas.

Hello i make simple planes hope u enjoy them
im telling when im posting planes and teasers
I keep trying to upgrade my building skills



such a perfect shot

”war bird"

the start of all,me first plane posted


status:i am active just in the morning and in the night when i have school. When i dont have i am active in the morning,afternoon and night(lol)

The longest time I've put into building an airplane:4 days

the time I want to put in the construction of an airplane:1 week

the highest parts that I used in the construction of an airplane:200 (Strike-690)

the parts I want to use in a plane:300 or 250 (maybe in 2 mounths?)
I speek spanish
get a plane featured(this gonna append in 2 years max fsjfsjfrryryfhfhsf)


Folding missile(maybe hard to make)
Random build!!(YeSs)
Ship(maybe i want to make one but im kinda lazy and me building is not good enough)
Fighter plane(soon)
Bomber(whit turrets and custom bombs soon too)
Lion remake????(maybe in 3 weeks)
Junior remake????(maybe in 3 weeks too)
Loki remake????(in 2 weeks)
Futuristc vtol(maybe is hard to make a vtol)
AA sistem(for sure)
AA turret(for sure x2)
More weapons(free weapons bombs,maybe missiles them are hard to make,guns)
Mechanism(my own mechanism this gonna be hard)
Bomber jet(maybe)
More free parts!!!!!(for surex3)
Flying fortress(i need more building skills im not pretty good building cockpits in circular fuselage shape)
Somethings can maybe happend or not just ideas for myself

fly safe

Halp me tablet dont charge i think me battery is broken