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So I started playing SP early 2018 and pretty soon I made my first plane. I started making some more until I had to share them. I tried @TheFactory, but I couldn't have @ in my name and TheFactory was taken. Then I made the account Amaker. i had it for a little over 3 months and gained 4,010 points while on it. I had a boost at the start thanks to Frantic Matty showcasing my first post on his YouTube chanel but then it was deleted by someone. Andrew Garrison said I had to make a new account if I wanted to access the SP website again. So here I am with the name Remote and a picture of my hand and a remote. Expect mostly airliners a bit of cars and very rarely, fighter planes. I'm not good at fighter planes. I'm also starting on cargo planes. My favorite plane is the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar and my favorite car is the Dodge Viper ACR. My favorite car brand is TVR.

Companies I run: Wendon, BLK ,Duroranc, Proxima, Fencter, Garnet, Acandima, R.E.X. and Firion

Companies that I ran but they fell off: Lyria, Ferro and Prizma

NAOW, a bit about myself:

Hi my name is GOTCHYA I’m EXTRA cautious about my personal information because I took those internet safety learning programs very seriously AND some account trouble in late summer 2018. I am a freshman and won’t get my learners permit until late this year or next year. I LOVE cars. I’m subscribed to a lot of car channels on YouTube including Donut Media, Car Throttle and ChrisFix. I went to ImportFest in late July and it was the best place I’ve ever went to In my life. I also got into planes in like 2016 but I fell out of it until recently and I am a big WEC fan (World Endurance Championship) and have thicc dreams in terms of starting my own car brand which will not be called Firion because that’s mostly a spin off of Ford. I’m also amazing at drawing vehicles but they mostly come from my head which means they never existed. I also like Vine RIP Vine and memes. Not the dead ones. Those are for Spooktober when that happens. Feel free to look at my planes and other stuff and ask me questions if you have any. (But not about my personal information!)