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  • Who would win in a fight? 1.2 years ago

    Simple answer: some drunk Russians with tracksuits.

  • My apology for not saying anything. one year ago

    Strong people never leave. Strong people keep on fighting against all odds. When life shows you the middle finger, reply back with two.
    In all seriousness, your reasons for leaving are silly. And I know what I'm saying cause I was in the exact same situation.
    I usually say that I left cause there was lots of controversy around my planes when, in fact, there was none. I left because I felt like I wasn't getting enough attention, enough reward for what I was doing. Working days and days for a build only to get, what... 20 upvotes? Really? Is that all I get for my work?
    So I left, thinking that this community does not deserve me and that I'm wasting my time. But me being me, about a month later, I was back under my current account and slowly started getting back in shape. Started uploading planes, tanks, sometimes silly stuff. Fun times these were, gotta say.
    To this day, I'm still working on the work hard-big reward model but you can see the differences. It all comes down to the fact that I didn't have enough followers.
    You might say "but I left due to totally different reasons." No. We both left due to the very same reasons: silly reasons.
    So, to wrap it all up, I think you should come back and forget about what you just did. It's silly, very silly stuff. Come back and rethink it all. Think about what you should and shouldn't do.
    If you ask me, you should try and aim for diversity within a certain range. For instance, diversity in car building. Don't build just jeeps and sporty cars from X company. Build something from Y company, too. Venture into both old and recent times. Build a jeep now, a few days later build a family car and so on. You got it: Diversity is key to success.

  • New Website Feature 1.2 years ago

    @CRJ900Pilot If you don't like this new feature, just pretend like it's not there. If the comments section on any of your planes turns to chaos due to this, remember: door is to your left, window is to the right. Go through whichever you like more and then head to the nearest park.

  • Are there any hangouts groups for SimplePlanes? 1.1 years ago

    Other than SPM, no. None other are really that worthy of joining.

  • Sorry 1.1 years ago

    You have a bio for this kind of announcements. Use it.

  • What happened to Delphinus? 1.1 years ago

    They deleted their account after realising how crappy their builds were.
    Not to mention their incredibly thin skin. I once pointed out to them as nicely as I could some of the things they got wrong on a plane and both melted away like ice in the Sahara.
    Oh, and they LOVED (literally) posting so-called motivational posts. Yeah, just infinite walls of text.
    They're gone for good, I guess.

  • PinBall 5 months ago

    Next up:

    M I N E C R A F T

  • my cat passed away. one year ago

    My patience for posts like this one passed away.

  • A forum made to make mean comments towards yourself. 4 months ago

    A sheet of paper is more organized than me.

  • Chinese auditorium (true fans would recognize me) 5 months ago

    Jiang Zhemin intensifies

  • A message to the community regarding motivation. Please read 9 months ago

    And to those rather new users (old ones alike) that say they've lost all their motivation: think of a toddler. Then think of a rainy day. This toddler runs around and plays with the other kids just like he does everyday. But all of a sudden, he falls into a puddle choke full of mud. He gets really dirty. Everyone stops from laughing and playing. He becomes the center of attention. "Will he cry?", the world wonders. But to their surprise, the toddler gets back up on his feet as happy as he always is. He's laughing and he's more than happy to scare all the other kids with his muddy appearance :P
    This was you. A long while ago. If you could get up from that puddle and laugh about it, then you sure can do the same now when you've no motivation. Not just here, but also in life. Remember this toddler. He is very young, he is innocent, but he has taught you more than what school has or ever will.

  • MOAR SNOW one year ago

    Today we had almost 20°C and, over the next week, it's expected to go down to 1. Like, really... THIS cold in the middle of effin March?

  • Mind-Melting Theories/Concepts, and Their Explanations one year ago

    You forgot the Multigender theory.

  • Please 1.2 years ago

    Shortest description of the Mods button on iOS:

    Because people that buy stuff from Apple barely have an IQ larger than their age, we decided to politely show them the middle finger by adding this menu. Now go play on PC or Android.
    Of course, this is the short way of telling them why. I'm sure everyone will understand it :)

  • New Website Feature 1.2 years ago


  • Let me tell you a joke... 7 months ago

    "thoroughly think through what you’re doing in future."
    Hmmm... that sounds like good advice. Maybe...
    starts thinking ahead
    [insert AOL login sound here]
    Error: cannot compute future. Variable has not yet been defined.
    But jokes aside, you were right. Both TSAD and the respective user (it happens so that I follow him, thus I was able to see what he had posted) are both, to their respective extent, responsible for what happened. However, if you ask me, that was a bit of satire not necessarily directed at TSAD users.
    Remember that scandal (I think it was about a year ago, plus or minus a month) when they were accused of using scripts to build aircraft? That plane he built resembled exactly what a script-generated aircraft would look like, yet its simplicity was indicating that it was an early version of one such script.
    That plane he posted was very likely satire aimed towards those who still think TSAD and child groups (like WEBM or whatever it's called; I just collectively call them wannabe TSAD, just for the fun of it lol) are using advanced scripts to generate aircraft or, at least, certain parts of an aircraft.
    This is just my point of view on the matter. Remember that I take neither's side since... there is no reason to. I would only stir up even more discord between the two sides if I joined either of them.

  • Upvote to protest useless forum posts 8 months ago

    I stopped reading there. I ain't giving you free points for nothing boi

  • Tour of Krakabloa with your Friends From Chernoybl 10 months ago

    Am I the only one that, when he's thinking of друг, instantly associates that meme with Chernobyl? :))

  • Seriously, Wikipedia??? one year ago

    Holy ell, the controls just slipped outta my hands and now... oh well, they dropped into the toilet. Great.

  • The most common mistake: Main Landing Gear position. one year ago

    But the blonde girl is close to a giant compared to the minion that the brunette one is. So the blonde girl only has to sit down and her weight will do the work :)

  • I took this a little too seriously... one year ago

    North Korea: 0
    Internet: 1

  • D.Corp - DNS Devastator (DDG-77) 5 months ago

    Damb... this boat is so good that it made my phone go poof in a fiery ball

  • Which track system do you find best? 6 months ago

    I think the best tracks you can build are like this. It is the most part-efficient and functional in my opinion. @Minecraftpower did provide another track model (which isn't that new), however, it uses a lot more parts and this, in return, increases lag.
    I am planning to use the same model on my current light tank project, but the problem is, I don't have the motivation to finish it. And in the last month, I've started at least 3 other projects and, thus far, finished neither of them.
    Anyway, that was my two cents on the matter. Hope I helped with it :)



    Perfect recipe for ultimate cringe.

  • I have something to say. 7 months ago

    Honestly... I've gotten my skin burnt by making constructive criticism or trying to be goofier. The latter means I'm trying to say the same idea as I normally would but in a sort of funny way. By no means am I trying to make fun of someone's defects, all I'm really trying to do is cheer you up a bit so that you can go ahead with a positive mindset. That way, you should be more open to new ideas, new perspectives and so you remember much easier the essence of critique. But this is theory and, so far (this so far meaning just one person; not to mention it was the worst choice I ever made), it failed.
    I used to critique quite a bit. Never did it because I envyed said person or simply cause I wanted to be an A-hole. All I wanted was to help them become better and/or have it easier. Never have I criticized someone just for the heck of it. Again, I always had both a good reason and good intentions and, even today, if I wanted to criticize someone's plane (just to give you a concrete example), I would do it almost the same way I used to.
    But, you see, criticizing someone means you embark on a trip on the slipperiest road ever. How so?
    I've experienced this first hand. Almost every time I criticized someone, there were two outcomes. One of them occured way more often than the other. Maybe due to the way I word stuff (I'm rather blunt; sugarcoatting is not my style) or simply because I chose the wrong recipient.
    The first outcome is: they respond negatively. In fact, fiercely negatively. And due to this, they start spreading fake rumors about me and so I get a bad rep.
    Second one: they respond positively. It happened rarely but trust me, it had a huge effect. Mainly because the recipient was able to understand the underlying reason of my critique and, secondly, the way they perceived it. Not only did I help massively by making someone else's life easier, but they also thanked me for doing it. Now that's a huge thing if you ask me.
    I've personally chosen to refrain from critique. I decided to only ever do it when asked to. This way, I eliminate about half the variables that usually go against me.
    TLDR: when criticizing, choose your target carefully. Don't dive head first and think later (like I usually do, not just when criticizing :P ). A bit of planning doesn't hurt, either. And one more thing. Choose. Your words. Carefully!
    Oh and, by the way, I'm glad that there is someone just like me that can take constructive criticism and doesn't get easily offended.

  • Just because MIG’s where cheap. Does that really mean they are bad? 7 months ago

    Honestly, I've seen most people call Warsaw Pact/Russian equipment bad. But, if you think for a little and, hopefully, get your hands on some hard facts that can be compared, sometimes, Warsaw Pact/Russian equipment outperforms Western equipment. It's a debate that would be absolutely amazing to have and, actually, I think I will start it :)

  • Bananaquit 7 months ago

    @Awsomur It was so stupid, I didn't even laugh at it.

  • Bananaquit 7 months ago

    I never understood these banan posts. Bad quality humor if you ask me.

  • A message to the community regarding motivation. Please read 9 months ago

    I actually had to split that comment in two :P
    I know I've written a lot about me now but what I wanted to say is: be one of the best at what you're doing. I am one of the best at tanks. That guy that usually posts minigames, he is best at making minigames. My friends here, for instance. BogdanX has to be one of the best at making low part count replicas. Sauce, albeit inactive right now as he is serving his country, is one of the best at making extremely smooth shapes. EternalDarkness has to be one of the best shipbuilders on this website.
    So you have to basically develop something of your own. It doesn't have to be something completely different, neverbeforeseen, but you have to develop your own style of building what you like the most. Think of it like your trademark, something that, when people see one of your builds, they can say "oh, this is X's thing, I can tell because his building style is so special!" or something along the lines of that.
    Trust me, nothing is impossible. You may say "but I can't do this." To which I say NO. You CAN and WILL get better at this game. You CAN and WILL become famous for being best at what you're doing. You just need this little bit of confidence in your abilities.

  • SimpleRenders Volume Two 9 months ago

    @Tully2001 Nooooo skit sherlock
    Thing is, which photo editing software?

  • When players are usually online? 11 months ago

    @CarsonG1017 Legit stuff bro. Took a few days to update to 2017 but at least they did it.

  • SP users in a nutshell (platinum) 11 months ago

    But... but... what about me? :/
    abruptly runs away somewhere in the distance

  • Add reattach part feature to mobile 11 months ago

    No, what we really need is a copy piece button like when you left click a piece on PC and it copies it.

  • Dieselpunk- "Interloper" 11 months ago

    Holy smokes, this thing looks too good!

  • Some random facts... 11 months ago

    So on the equator you way? Then now we know da way :)

  • Detail VS. Part Count one year ago

    While my opinion might've not been requested, I'd say that detail, as long as it doesn't alter flight performance, is worth going for.

  • Who likes Olives on pizza? one year ago

    Who likes posts like this one?
    No one.

  • I'm done with life one year ago

    @PorkyClown3 Thank you Mr. Scientist. Without you, the world wouldn't have known about the possible inexistence of Planet X.
    You really didn't get what I said, did ya?

  • GAMF-02A Camille one year ago

    I think I've seen this one already. Uploaded a few months ago...

  • SIMPLE IDEA: Flaps one year ago

    Sounds interesting, especially considering that iOS users won't have to beg PC ones to make them flaps.

  • Meemee one year ago

    Yeah, my best case scenario reaction. Didn't happen to me though.
    But I'll admit, kinda funny.

  • I took this a little too seriously... one year ago

    @Dllama4 They use sugar water to straighten their hair so no surprises there ;)

  • I Have Really Bad News Guys, Legit This Time. 1.1 years ago

    And this is why democracy sucks.
    Moral of the story: never call a community vote. Or, if you're fine with being forced to do something then yeah, go on :)

  • New Website Feature 1.2 years ago

    @CRJ900Pilot If you can't beat 'em, join 'em ;)

  • Underwater Camera 4 months ago

    @DuckMint caves (and pretty much any form of terrain similar to that) requires special meshes that can't be made through the built-in terrain mesh.
    This is how the devs made the Ice Base. It's just a mesh made in Blender probably. Nothing terrain-related at all. There might be plugins for this, though. Haven't worked with Unity for about half a year or so.

    Btw, just out of curiosity: are you going to make a huge map? I'm thinking of something like War Thunder, where you can fly planes and also take land vehicles to roam the map.

  • Tank tracks coming soon... 6 months ago


  • Today Is 9/11/2001 6 months ago

    Correction: 7/11

  • Part count bias on the site 6 months ago

    I think it's a mixed bag when it comes to part count. I would like to remain neutral on this matter.
    To be perfectly honest, however, up until 800-900 parts, it's okay. From there on, lag starts to creep in and it becomes unpleasant to run the game. At least this is my experience.

  • EYE CANDY versus FLIGHT MODEL 6 months ago

    @BogdanX I read them when I saw your plane. You know I upvote everything you post. It's just something mandatory :)

    But back on topic. You know where this is leading? Personal tastes.
    I like apples more than oranges. Someone likes oranges more than apples.
    Would a debate between the two of us settle which fruit is better than the other? No. Of course not. I like apples over oranges for a reason. That someone likes oranges over apples for another reason.
    But I like where this is going, so I'll continue arguing like the devil I am :P
    The U-2 just doesn't stand out as much as the Horten. In my completely honest opinion, it's just as interesting as the X-15.
    I've never seen a Horten fly. There is a video on YT of it supposedly during USAF flight tests but it's very grainy quality. There's also no picture of any of the Horten prototypes. None.
    Then again, the Horten is a mysterious plane. Much more so than the U-2. There's plenty of information about the U-2 out there. But is there just as much information about the Horten? If there was, be sure the guys at the Smithsonian Aircraft Museum would restore that Horten V3 they have much faster.
    And my bet is that, the day the restored 229 V3 will be put on display, the museum will be flooded with visitors.
    The same cannot be said about the U-2. The U-2 is still operating with the USAF. There are plenty of pictures of it. And I bet there are some U-2s on display in museums, too. You can go see them anytime you want.
    Then again, you can't say the same about the Horten. There's just one Horten prototype that survived the war and it's not even on display. The guys at that museum were hoping to get the restoration done by this year, but luck has it that some bad things got in the way (along with budget cuts, most probably) and so the finish date was pushed around 2020-2021.
    The U-2 is just another spy aircraft. Much like the Spitfire was just another propeller fighter. Much like the Cessna 172 is just another civilian plane. But the Horten isn't just "another stealth aircraft." It's the very first jet-propelled flying wing. It was being tested by the Nazis in the closing months of the war, in hope that it will turn the war around. It was a Wunderwaffe in the actual sense. But the Nazis burnt most documents about it to prevent them from falling into Allied or Soviet hands. Just like with many other projects.
    There is so much hidden information about the Horten and, sadly, we might never get to recover it. This is what makes it a much more interesting aircraft, in my opinion.