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Hey there you odd little earthling! My name is Vlad and you can call me however you want: xVladdy, Vladdy, Vlad, Troll... whatever, it's the same person, ain't it? :)
And yes, for the ones that've never seen me before or still can't tell who I am, my name was VladCelTroll (and hopefully it'll be so again).

Now, let's sit down, make ourselves comfortable and take a tea.

I began playing this game somewhere around February of 2016 after I had seen a video of the game uploaded by Weazel. It seemed veeeeeery cool, especially because you could build whatever you thought of. So I downloaded it on my phone and then on my computer.

My very first build weren't that great: just sticked a few fuselage pieces together, strapped a pair of wings and some beafy engines and voila!
As time passed (and that goddamn school was near it's end), I got better at building planes.

After some controversy, especially related to some of my uploads which featured imagery forbidden in some countries, I decided to delete my account and start all over again.

But here I am, back from the depths of the Interwebz and ready to make a glorious comeback, albeit a slow one. But hey, slow and steady wins the race, right? At least that's what my Brex ... errr, British friends say all the time.

Current project:

It's not light enough IRL to be dropped from a plane... or is it? Here, have a virtual cookie in case you guess what I meant there ;)