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I’m Natedog and this is my profile. Obviously.

Some things about me:

-I am a 14 year old dog.
-I am a normal person.
-My favorite movie, the greatest of all time is Pacific Rim 1! Not the sequel. Well that sucks.
-Sometimes I carry jokes on for way too long and people get really annoyed at me.
-I really love nature and animals.
-I am a dog person, not a cat person. Literally tho. Also jk
-And I really love to write music and play guitar.


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Some people like to put a quote right here, but...

I do too,

“Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica.”
-Dwite K. Shrute

You also thought I would put a quote by me, pffff you thought!

“Ugh, all you rich people living in dumpsters, I can’t find one that someone isn’t using.”
-Natedog120705 talking about his home

Sometimes I just sit on my bed thinking about how I could live my life. What I want and I sometimes just think of random deep quotes, like this,

“Don’t let the success of others make you feel like you have no success at all.”

“Many people want to be better than everyone, but I say be your Better self.”


But deep

           I am the proud Founder of Calpilin Engineering™
              and I am currently recruiting trustworthy 
                   people that commit to things and 
                         don’t flake on others.

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