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I'm Muiz, a degenerate who love to play Simpleplanes, oftenly making planes but sometimes I'll try my best to make B O A T


Dorelia National Flag and Dorelian Air Force roundel

Dorelia is a fictional archipelago state Somewhere near Bermuda.

Berryman Corporation

Berryman Corporation is my Fictional Corporation based in Dorelia, established since 19XX. Berryman make Planes, Military Vehicles, and Vessels

STATUS: On hiatus due to exam

Projects in progress:

-BXF-XX "Silent Dragon"

My Discord tag: Muizn't #8556
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Silver: February 16, 2021

Gold: June 25, 2021

Platinum: not yet

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Previously known as Muiz15, ABAircraftManufacture, MuizTheWeeb, MuizTheRailfan