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B-17G is still in build progress

About me

I build on mobile cause it's way easier to build, some of my builds are mobile friendly some aren't all though I will be building aircrafts with like maybe 1000-2000 parts maybe more but we'll see, I am a 13 year old person who enjoys SP and likes planes mostly military and so on etc I use google translate to translate languages from english to different language depending on what country the build was made from, my builds are mostly not for low physics so yeah, sorry mobile users

Discord Username is MrShenanigansSP#6648

Currently on the 21 page of users

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Users/Friends I know in SP and YT

@GuianLorenzo good at building airliners one of the great builders I know

@GuyFolk the god of PSM

@Fox00One great builder really good

@Sandnox really great at making fictional aircrafts

@EverretStormy very good at video editing

@Freerider2142 master of the orcas and other builds

@WIZARD2017 the person who made the B-29 with full interior

@SimplePlanesEnthusiast the person who makes SP memes