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This mask is absolutely necessary.

Nothing is done without being done


The world is a stage. And the stage is a world of entertainment


(from Hazbin Hotel)
Yes. I love myself a good Alastor picture to... Um... Lighten the mood? Yes. Yes. I do love a good Alastor picture to lighten the mood.

<Porg Song Intensifies>

Now. A Porg.

Fighters, Russia, and Porgs are things I enjoy

My goals

Right now I just want silver. (Done October 7, 2019)

Now I want gold. (Done January 19, 2020)

Platinum is next on the agenda

Random Facts About Me

Favorite plane: B-1B Lancer
Favorite Movie: The Emperors' New Groove
Favorite Food: Pancakes
I'm Thirteen years old
I'm American

Porg Air Systems

We try to give quality, mobile-friendly aircraft to you via an Amazon Fire HD 10.

One fateful day, MrPorg137 though to himself. Hmmmm, I need an aircraft company. He though for around 20 minutes until he though of a name he liked:
Porg Air Systems.
His company is American and specializes in aircraft of all sorts along with some scientific spacecraft. Today, his company still thrives. My company still thrives.