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Thanks for Silver!

I used to play this game like 3 years ago. Now im just building cars in a game about planes lol. Damn i wish i could look through my old account again but i deleted it oof

I mostly make cars and car things so yeah!

Heres some of my dream cars

Bmw M3
The car and my profile name lol. I love the e30 and e46 and wouldn't mind a e92 or a e36. I love this car in general.
Heres some nice pics:

(they need that kit in nfs heat lol)

Pagani Zonda
Zonda > any other Italian supercar. They are so rare tho so i don't think i'll ever see one in person. NFS Hot Pursuit (2010) and TDU 2 made me fall in love with this car and sounded godly.

Honestly i have like so many favourite cars and i could put so many more down.