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The wall of Pepe is my best plane........ Kind of sad really……

Officially reached 20k! 25 is my next goal, thank you all for all the upvotes!
Hi, welcome to my home page. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions, I am fluent in English ,Chinese and French.

I mainly fly and build planes on my iPad Pro, some times windows or mac if I am doing some really large projects. My favourites are old Boeing airliners (of course others). And my favourite airline is Qantas. I live in Australia.


Current build =====>B-52————-> %10

         =====> Boeing 747-100 done, but have over 9000 part, check my forums posts for more info
         =====> Boeing 767-300ER cancelled 
         =====> MD 11, cockpit ready…

Next build =======> unsure
--------------- want to build
=======> Boeing 757-200
=======> Boeing 737-700

I also build some random projects, like Dank memes


Computers I use

=======> Hp Omen desktop
=======> Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch (main)
=======> Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 inch (late 2016)
=======> Apple Mac Pro (late 2013)
=======> Apple iMac (2009)
=======> Apple iPad 4
=======> Apple MacBook Air 11.9 inch
=======> Apple iPhone X