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What I post:
  • 25% planes
  • 25% crap videos with loud sound and flashing lights
  • 20% random mods that will make your computer question its existence
  • 15% Tesco and Juan
  • 5% high-quality movie
  • 10% forums and other stuff
Flex tape wall
  • admin of the CCC

  • former owner of spbc (dllama if you’re reading this pls give the role back ;-;)

  • member of the horizon design bureau

My pc powered by RTX T2:


GTX 1080 strix, Ryzen 7 3800x, 64gb DDR4 ram, ROG crosshair VIII hero motherboard, some random NZXT case, 550W Gold rated cooler master psu, 2x1tb Nvme pcie4 ssd running in RAID 0, 8tbs of 7200rpm HDD, MSI 27” 1440p 144Hz VA monitor on a silver stone gas spring monitor arm, cooler master 120mm aio with dual fan and a pull/push config and a big chair

Here’s a teaser from my next map (it’s gonna be something different):

how funny would it be if I get to 100k

Previously known as Kentheman, Kenneth_, KennethKennethTheKenneth, Kennneth