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Hi I’m jwpdaviesjr and I’m a happy SimplePlanes user.
When I got SimplePlanes I had never played it because I though I had better games. So when I first tried SimplePlanes I realised that it was actually a great game so I started to build my first plane with the tutorial. Then I started to build planes. After a few days of building planes this became my favorite game. And as I built more I got better at this game. When I was watching the update videos for SimplePlanes I heard that I could download any planes for free. After I logged in I started to meet new followers in this community. Then I started to put planes on this website and soon Hellosss38 gave me my first upvote and then a was at 15 points. As I started to get better I noticed I was at 5000 points. Thank you for everyone in this community for helping me out!

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