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hjønk hjœnk am goose

Spirit Airlines A321-200

Current situation: she told me she was 16!

Sleep schedule 11:00PM-4:00AM EST

I'm Jake

I exist

Not many people know that

After all,

I'm a very smol creator


I like to post challenges from time to time

they're fun

I like ultralight aircrafts


I just bought a new keytar

it's like a keyboard and guitar

currently working on

-Hummel UltraCruiser (35%)
-OhmGa Speedmaster (35%)
-Water Helipad (Done)
-Flying Honda Key (0%)

Updated 09/02/20 2:23 PM EST (MM/DD/YY)

People I have blocked:


Q: Why?

A: You ask, for you do not know.

Q: Why do you have me blocked?

A: You cannot comment on this post

Q: hi

A: hi

Q: When will you make good planes?

A: When you become a real pilot.

Q: Your planes suck, mine fell apart in flight.

A: I built it like that so it will kill you. Obviously my design failed, showing a flaw in my design.

My birthday is Feb. 13th, but you don't care.
I've been celebrating it alone for years.

Previously known as JSwannyGaming148