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I'm too lazy to build

Hehe boi :v
My name is Adam

I succ at modeling :D

I make a ugly mobile friendly vehicle and stuff 😂😂

I just play Simpleplanes when i'm bored


  1. IDI's D-2 Attack Drone (delayed)

  2. IDI's Garda 6x6 IFV (40% Delayed)

  3. ISF-1 "Indonesian Stealth Fighter" (delayed)

  4. Piranha Corvette (20% Delayed)

  5. IDI's RD-1 "Recon Drone" (40% Delayed)

  6. IFJ-2 "Indonesian Fighter Jet" (Delayed)

  7. IDI's T-2 "Trainer" (20% Delayed)

  8. IDI's MTV-1 "Military Transport Vehicle" (20% Delayed)

  9. Jaguar Armored Personel Carrier (60% Delayed)

  10. "Mata Elang" Air Defense System (0% Delayed)

*I delayed all of them, cuz i'm very bussy


Previously known as IdIndustries