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I'm a 14 year old boy that lives in two states: Illinois and Texas. I go to Chicago, Illinois every summer to meet my primary family. Then I go back to Arlington, Texas in the Fall for school. Occasionally I will go back to Chicago in the winter, to celebrate Christmas there. My dream job is_____. Seriously I don't know yet. I like planes for one reason: it has to do with the gear. I savor the moment when the gears are retracting in takeoff. Don't judge me. See what i mean by highlighting these links:



I also like the designs of them. From very sleek to very bulgy bodies. From very small to very big. My favorite plane is the____. I have so many I can't name them all here. Annnddd... I have a YouTube channel, Mr. Avion, which I suck at. I don't record flights or plane takeoffs or landings. I actually record thunderstorms and video games. Oh the irony! Highlight this:


When i grow up, i wanna live in Atlanta Georgia and become an artist