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hi, if you are reading this it means u just reached the best account on SimplePlanes... hahaha NOT anyway a bit of info.

im 13
i live in ireland
no im not a culchie
my birthdays on december 3rd if anyone wants to get me a present or something
when i make builds i have put alot of time and effort into them so an upvote is apreciated
ask me to say fiddle dee dee im a leprichaun and ill cave your PC in with my Pot O' Gold

@TimeTraveler for supporting me
@CALVIN232 for sticing up for me and another dude against a toxic dickhead
@Texasfam04 for upvoting a shit load of my builds to get me to silver

and a huge thanks to everyone for all the upvotes spotlights and follows your all amazing people and deserve a gold medal each.

-F1SH 26/9/2018

(GOALS for 2019-2020)

1: to make a highly detailed plane that functions well and looks amazing

2: to reach gold by 2021-2022

3: to make higher quality builds

Creations \/ and dont forget to enjoy them i usually spend hours on them, well the good ones :)