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  • VAI Super Miura I-A 6 hours ago

    We are roasting each other, I winning @Mahesa25

  • NGAC-50 6 hours ago

    It looks like a savage@Bife

  • HE-112 V1 6 hours ago

    Uhh, I took them on the TEST FLIGHT map mod?@Tamedplane

  • VAI Super Miura I-A 6 hours ago

    Alright,,,, SHUT yo Minecraft wooden oak trap door Steve face blue shirt ripped jeans savage crap breathing diarrhea He-162 be lookin like it be carryin a nuke so u should too peace o cake pink sherbert crap fungus number 19 ugly poop eating pee flying yellow and brown swirl he-112 landing gear squatting garbage can ripoff of a builder stealer trash kit of ugly sh* crapping bombs noob 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎@LockheedLover

  • Balsa Wood Biplane 8 hours ago

    make it fly

  • HE-112 V1 8 hours ago

    @Tamedplane im sorry, im still confused >_>

  • NGAC-50 8 hours ago

    is this even a helicopter anymore?

  • PBY-5_Catalina 8 hours ago

    whoa dood

  • HE-112 V1 8 hours ago

    @Tamedplane what do you mean by that?

  • VAI Super Miura I-A 10 hours ago

    U want me to shut up? Ok u little peace of canned fart beaned soda pop soggy chicken nugget wet pillow peaking skin peace of nothingness crap face loser he-112 flyer idiot trash!! BEAT THAT@LockheedLover

  • A-10 thunderbolt 15 hours ago

    @Tamedplane alrighty man!

  • HE-112 V1 15 hours ago

    @Tamedplane ???where??

  • VB-9 Cortex 15 hours ago

    @M4FL10 the DOGE will protec uXD

  • VAI Super Miura I-A 15 hours ago

    @Mahesa25 uglee XD

  • A-10 thunderbolt yesterday

    @Tamedplane yea, pls say this in desc (Credit to diloph for this airplane) or somthing similar pls, its not needed cus it auto credits but I like being credited

  • A-10 thunderbolt yesterday

    @Tamedplane yea,it looked like u stole it for youself, its good

  • HE-112 V1 yesterday

    @Foxophonist wow thanks!

  • B-17 Bomber yesterday


  • A-45 whitebird yesterday

    @Pilot72still dont get it :(

  • VAI Super Miura I-A yesterday

    @Mahesa25 ok u ugy peace of no u trash garbage can eating hipo pillow, waiting for u to cry xDD

  • AH-100 Safire yesterday

    @MAHADI thanks!!

  • A-10 thunderbolt yesterday

    credit me dude if you're gonna coppy my airplane.

  • AH-100 Safire 2 days ago

    @Noname918181 yesh

  • AH-100 Safire 2 days ago

    (creator complimenting his own build (so original)

  • AH-100 Safire 2 days ago

    imma give 999 upvotes and 999 downloads!

  • AH-100 Safire 2 days ago


  • AH-100 Safire 2 days ago

    omg so cool

  • VAI Super Miura I-A 2 days ago

    @Mahesa25 ugly f-100 NO U DOOOOD jk is perrty nice

  • VAI Super Miura I-A 2 days ago

    @Mahesa25 f-100 rip off

  • N MI-28H "Molotok" 2 days ago

    @SubXTribe okie

  • N MI-28H "Molotok" 2 days ago

    @SubXTribe smart I see

  • FXW-12 Relnard Mark II 2 days ago

    @Foxophonist no U

  • TK-5 2 days ago

    @randomusername affermative

  • TK-5 2 days ago

    how do I go 90*

  • TK-5 2 days ago

    you are actually insane and my ALL TIME favorite builder!! I adore ur builds! u take so much detail(sometimes like this one) and time into it like the treads! no complaints!!

  • VB-9 Cortex 2 days ago

    @Mustang51 ikr supa thicc

  • N MI-28H "Molotok" 2 days ago

    how did u get that blue background?

  • N MI-28H "Molotok" 2 days ago

    how is the porpellor spinning on all free spins?

  • LF-05 Black Knight 2 days ago

    I adore this airplane!

  • M5F Tatsumaki 2 days ago

    same here IT is so sleek and pretty maneuverable and sleek, also agile and maneuverable &pretty, u got some niiiicee replicas here on ur page FOLLOWING

  • VAI Super Miura I-A 2 days ago

    ripoff F-100 dood xDDDDDDDD

  • FXW-12 Relnard Mark II 2 days ago

    no u

  • Mitsubishi A6M Zero 2 days ago

    nav lights aren't on the elevators dood

  • Mitsubishi A6M Zero 2 days ago

    awesome !plane!!!! Hook is a bitt big, and the wings got that DYHEDRAL FOR DAYZ otherwise its an AWESOME AIRPLANE!!! iLOVE the way u made that white paint in the tail slope on the the rudder like thats C:

  • A6M Rocket powered 2 days ago

    pretty good, no rudder, rudder doesn't move, no pitch(barely), no jet engine like dood

  • A-45 whitebird 2 days ago

    @Pilot72 also how do u do links like that (here) thing, I have to make people COPY and PAISTE things :( THANKS FOR THE MOD I have wanted that for a long time

  • Lightning Aircraft Industries LT-6A Panther 3 days ago

    you need to get some pics of day light, I dont know how it even looks :( awesome tho !

  • VB-9 Cortex 3 days ago

    @Mustang51 thats a big boi there am I right?

  • BAC-104 Aerobat V2 3 days ago

    @MAHADI bruuuhhh