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HI I am a 12 year old builder who loves airplanes, my dad works at PSA airlines and fly's CRJs, my favorite airplane is the P-51D-30 or P-51B mustang, but my favorite modern day GA plane is a Pilatus PC-12 or PC-21, and I hope to either fly in the airlines or fly war planes someday.

My uploading
Sometimes I make real airplanes.
Quite much of the time I make fictional airplanes.
Rarely I make things that are confusing C:

If anyone wants to chat about my planes or what i could do better my discord is here #Diloph#3339

I really like ground attack planes and I make a lot of those and a lot of WWII fighters along with jets

Me and 2 other guys have created a company! called BEANS aviation Check it!

I am also VERY addicted to #AIR