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Welcome Weebs. I am..


(Previously Known as JKudasai)
(Don't mind the name)

I am probably that quiet dude at the back. Probably.
Found this game while I was looking for mobile games similar to MachineCraft.

Mechs are super duper nice. If you make mechs.. please tag me cuz I will definitely updoot mechs.

Am Filipino.

I'd reveal my age but that would be embarassing...
(Around 15 - 30)

I really have a hard time making things more accurate since my sense of estimation is really off and I don't know why. Although despite taking engineering I suck at math.
Also super lazy.

Current Projects:

CVS-101 Prometheus
Destroid: Tomahawk

My Most Detailed Project:

SDF-1 Macross

I play MP, but not that much since I'm busy with school stuff so yeah. You might see me for 1 second and disappear. My MP name is still JKudasai.

Beware of sudden combustion.


Previously known as JKudasai