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  • Smooth Shape Generator 9 months ago

    I'm pretty sure one can access the AircraftDesigns folder on Android. Simply ender the device's file manager/archive folder app and then go into the phone storage section, then Android, then data, then look for 'com.Jundroo.SimplePlanes', enter it and then touch the 'files' folder, 'AircraftDesigns' should be in there.

  • Video Posts one month ago

    @AndrewGarrison how does one add the video player into the post via mobile?

  • F-42 6 months ago

    Very good!

  • Leonardo F-11A Rondine 10 months ago

    @newb @LeonardoEngineering

    The shaky wing is due to having the game set to low physics, medium to high physics should cancel out the problem, alternatively you can increase the aircraft's weight to mitigate this issue at low physics settings.

    Gorgeous build by the way, this is amazing.

  • Automaton 11 months ago

    Finally i can make ornithopters without having to tiresomely drag the slider up and down, great job!!

  • Orbid [Alpha] - Airborne Heavy Weapon Platform one month ago

    Y'know, there were plans to make a Chinook into an aerial artillery platform that would fly to a location, land, and use the big howitzers mounted on its sides to rain hell on the enemy.

    Eventually ideas spurred up to make it use the cannons while in flight, unfortunately it never got off the drawing board.

    This takes it a step further, and you gave this aircraft a lovely design, great work!

  • WWII Biplane one month ago

    It veers to the right just like the real things did back in the day, I see that as inadvertent authenticity rather than a flaw.

  • Ducted Coaxial Rotor Prototype (No Audio) one month ago

    @ThomasRoderick OOHH!! I thought you were referring to my profile pic, not the aircraft design, yes it's inspired by those aircraft, and other real life ducted fan vtols like the Curtis Wright X-100 and the Bell X-22

  • that's gotta be the best pilot i've ever seen[TEST VIDEO + MEME] one month ago

    @Gameboy21 drop-down menu button on the corner should show a lost of things like forum and airplanes and your profile, in that list of options there's Videos, click on that and there should be a list of options that include create.

    You need to have a verified YouTube channel with a video related to simple planes posted so you can copy and paste the link.

  • F-42 5 months ago

    @Heihachi I actually have, is pretty sturdy!

  • Lazzy Boy II 5 months ago

    I'm impressed with the way you executed those tracks.

  • FFR-SR 02 {FC} 8 months ago

    I remember when you made this as a submission for a jet trainer challenge, nice to see it repurposed.

  • F/A-37 Talon 8 months ago

    Finally a working Talon that actually looks the part!

  • MIK Copter HC-114 10 months ago

    I'm FRIGGIN screaming so hard right now! that fenestron is incredibly well done! GREAT JOB!!

  • THANKS TO FLEX TAPE one year ago

    I swear to god!

  • Drone Challenge 2 one year ago

    @ThomasRoderick Ah, yeah I already use that method on all engine types, I thought that fuel consumption could be directly edited as a separate XML function.

  • Supermarine 400 Bomber 4.4 one year ago

    Does Brown Dog know about these replicas, he'd really love these.

  • Mcdonnell Doughnuts F-4 Phantom one year ago

    America's Next Generation Fighter!

  • Prism 1.1 years ago

    Very well done!!!

  • 1984 Cobra Rattler SLN 1.2 years ago

    Looks like something from "GI JOE"

    Nice work!

  • AVRO Blizzard V 1.2 years ago

    Not a blended-wing-body, not a flying wing, what category would this airframe fit into?

    Regardless this is very well made and i love this, great work!

  • MB.5 1.2 years ago

    She's Gorgeous!! I love this so much.

  • Obj.441 prototype 1.3 years ago

    That's one massive gun.

  • Kelaino Ver1.0 1.3 years ago

    Star Fox, anyone?

  • Exciting New Discovery 1.4 years ago

    You're a friggin genius!

  • MiK ATP-14 one month ago

    When the F-18 marries an F-14, it looks fantastic I friggin love it, shame my device can't handle it, I wish this game also came on the switch so I could try out aircraft with higher parts like this

  • AX-12 one month ago

    Bro this looks fantastic!

  • Ducted Coaxial Rotor Prototype (No Audio) one month ago


    My pitbull/labrador mix.

  • Ducted Coaxial Rotor Prototype (No Audio) one month ago

    I've been experimenting with xml values for ages to see if I can mix two different inputs into a rotator to no avail, maybe having programming experience would help out a lot.

  • Ducted Coaxial Rotor Prototype (No Audio) one month ago


    Two rotators, one for pitch and one for roll, you attach either one onto the other and attach the assembly onto your desired location, then the wing, or tail, or engine, or propeller onto the free end, as seen in the video above, the result is having that attached part respond to two inputs.

  • Ducted Coaxial Rotor Prototype (No Audio) one month ago

    @CptJacobson the little buddy in my profile picture? That's my Pitbull/Labrador pup, her name is Kikie and I took that pic after I had just found her wandering the streets, she's doing great and is in better care now.

    And as for the app I used, it's an Android app called screen recorder, a free straight-to-the-point app with no ads.

    Here's the link; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kimcy929.screenrecorder

  • Ducted Coaxial Rotor Prototype (No Audio) one month ago

    @MTakach thanks!

  • Ducted Coaxial Rotor Prototype (No Audio) one month ago

    Woooo!!! My first video in this site!

  • MIK-Dornier SeaTracer one month ago

    Nice parasol wing!

  • Day 3 and they still don’t know I’m not yellow one month ago

    What recording software you got?

    Also neat truck!

  • MV-22 Osprey one month ago

    Super good for the part count, great job!

  • Flying Test-bed MK.7 3 months ago

    @Ambarveis I didn't see that as being rude, don't worry. The new update kinda does away with the need to make a mechanically functional swash plate for recreating genuine rotorcraft anyways. Though I doubt that'll stop people from making their own from scratch.

  • Flying Test-bed MK.7 3 months ago

    @Ambarveis what do you recommend?

  • Mikoyan MiG-17 "Frescoes" 4 months ago

    Accurately built and low on parts, great work.

  • Flying Test-bed MK.7 4 months ago

    @DJS8Corporations yeah I'm not really fond of gyros for conventional rotorcraft.

  • Flying Test-bed MK.7 4 months ago


    That's exactly right.

  • XFA-57D/Mk.6 "Ventress-M" Multirole Fighter 5 months ago

    It genuinely reminds me of an Su-47/PAK-FA mix, great work!

  • English Electric Wollongong MKI 1.9 5 months ago

    @RamboJutter yeah the F-4 has an anhedral flat v-tail, though still rather clear from the exhaust.


    If anything, a t-tail or a cruciform tail would do the trick. I really like the plane's current looks btw.

  • English Electric Wollongong MKI 1.9 5 months ago

    It looks really neat, but what bothers me about it is that the vtail is right in the exhaust stream of the two top engines, a very prominent flaw if it were to be a real aircraft.

  • [Finn·Balor]The Devil's heart 5 months ago

    @LiamW at the very least make a variant of the design with a shallow v-tail, just for the lols.

  • PZL-230F 5 months ago

    I never new this thing even existed.

    Nice job on it though!

  • My Ornithopter 6 months ago

    I knew someone was bound to do something like this at one point! Good work!

  • Vector II 6 months ago

    Reminds me of that hypersonic glider NASA tested a while back. I really like the scheme.

  • Shapeshifter 6 months ago

    It's a miracle you didn't call it the scorpion. Great job!