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Duck Parliament in belugasub's server
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Welcome to my account
I'm CSP27, Some Random Dude


I was CaesiciusPlanes and was 33.6k points, Then i f*ed up
And, Woosh My account

First off

I am what i am, I build what i want and so on..
Seriously, I built and I am Building a lot of things.
My name was Redlord, Joined about in December 2015, First Time i Saw that game, I liked it, Buyed it and still play it
So, My First Crafts weren't airworthy, I had the _RL Company
Not Real life company, I remember building some planes with ''cockpits'' Then one day, I found Redlord Obsolete, And got a new name from someone who deleted his account, The name was CaesiciusPlanes, So on i was building and My biggest sucess was A 150 part Dassault Mirage F1CR Savoie And so goes my list
My best Crafts were Mirage F1CR Savoie, Yak-31, Su-47 Berkut, Unknown i didn't remember that one, Me-262, B-17 Then B-24 but just After i had 'The nothing' was funny
And so goes my SP Account
After +2.5yo I was plat but Lost All interest in the game with the fact that for me i didn't deserve to Be plat. So i started over as ME

Build type
I love Helping Other, Love Futuristic Vehicles and On
You Can See, i build everything By Hans, Autocorrect, i meant Hand But, As i have a variating style building, Drone, VTOL Plane, Game crashing Bomber and Tank 'One of my old projects'

/!\ Unactivity due to darn school i hate dat /!\

Joined late on Independance day ''French'', And French..
Hel yeah