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Simpllandia Roleplay

Territories are Australia, Hawaii, and Alaska, not irl location of bases

Population as of 2019 26,000,000
Government is rights progressive and does it's best to be minimized,
controls the countries banks vs the buisness'
Economy is controlled capitalist
militia is by the people for the people
with two main branches, Navy and Airforce which branch off to Naval Sea (ships) and Naval Air, and Air and Airborn infantry respectively.

Military Naval and Airforces with infantry

never gets rid of old stuff, utilizes it into modern tactics

Assets (what can be deployed at any one time)
2 carriers
10 heavy cruisers
5 light cruisers
2 heli carriers

36 single piston engine attack aircraft
40 single turbo prop strike aircraft
48 twin engine countrarotating push pull strike aircraft
51 quad piston engine bombers
682 F-104s
400 C-130 in troop transport, refuel, or attack roles
56 BoxGlow Cargo planes
84 Long range strategic bombers
312 Aurthros search and rescue aircraft
22 observation aircraft
4 Reapers
276 F-3D Skyknights
192 jeeps
216 Long range Tankers
15 flying wing bombers

Technology always improving. Some gear is old, but refurbished in country with the latest tech to make it competitive.