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Just an aviator autist (and I’m not trying to make an autism joke, I actually have autism, along with depression and a crap ton of anxiety). I also have a love for reptiles, especially snakes. I was 8 when I caught my first snake. I also love making random snek memes that no one will get or care about seeing. Well too bad, cuz you will. Currently training to become a Sport Pilot.

Gender: Aircraft
Age: Enough to vote
Hobbies: Literally anything reptile and aviation based
Flight hours: 5
Aircraft flown: Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Aeronca 7AC Champion
Favorite aircraft: Literally anything that flies
My car: Subaru Crosstrek
Favorite colors: Red and black
Fears: Girls, eternal oblivion after death, being eaten alive, end of the world scenarios, deadly diseases, tight spaces, war, my annoying sister and her equally annoying friends, etc
Summary: a mentality unstable teenager prone to anxiety, sudden panic attacks, and random depression (love my life😀👍)