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F/M-10E Hawk

480 LordSatan  3.2 years ago

F/M*-10E Hawk Gen 4, twin-engine, supersonic, all-weather, carrier-capable, day/night capable, multirole combat jet, designed as both a fighter and attack aircraft I based off a Hornet. This is the fourth iteration (Gen 4). It's meant for naval use, but I couldn't be bothered with an arresting hook and functioning landing gear you can land on. Feel free to attempt to fix that, personally I try not to spend over 4 hours on only the landing gear so I gave up. Should work for take off, though.
Purposely over-the-top heavily armed for maximum fun

*Fqqoyt/Miksq, meaning Attack/Fight(er) in my Rhefugi language.

1 - Drop Fuel Tank
2 - Drop All Weapons
8 - Lights
G - Landing Gear and LG Light
Trim - Fold wings

Designed in 1985 for the United Islands Navy, and eventually all branches, the F/M-10E Hawk was a multirole fighter aircraft based off the US's F/A-18 Hornet Fighter. However it was faster, more maneuverable, had longer range, and way more efficient and powerful engines. It could also carry more weight, cannon ammo, and had a slightly better radar.
It did however suffer from being more expensive, at $31 Million USD (2006), as opposed to the Hornet's $29 Million USD (2006). It also quality issues, which were likely from cost-reducing measures.

In 2000 a new and improved Hawk was developed in response to the US's Super Hornet, the F/M-10X Advanced Hawk, a $35 million USD (2006) upgrade to the F/M-10 would see the increase in pilot survivability, speed, electronics, radar, equipment, and new engines. The Hawk and Advanced Hawk was taken out of service in 2006 and 2010 respectively.

General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 31.6ft (9.6m)
  • Length 40.2ft (12.3m)
  • Height 12.1ft (3.7m)
  • Empty Weight 6,906lbs (3,132kg)
  • Loaded Weight 14,302lbs (6,487kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 4.713
  • Wing Loading 57.2lbs/ft2 (279.5kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 249.9ft2 (23.2m2)
  • Drag Points 1749


  • Number of Parts 262
  • Control Surfaces 2
  • Performance Cost 1,456