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RL-10 SnapBack

90 Z3chi0  8 months ago

This is the Snapback, a fictional variant of the mig 21.It was quite simple to make, you could say its thrown together part. Some part don't look like the mig but its coool. AG 1 is for the drop tank. Takeoff speeds and landing speeds are somewhat the same- 200-240 mph, kinda ridiculous. There will be more variants to it and possibly a RL-11 or 12. Enjoy

General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 19.4ft (5.9m)
  • Length 32.9ft (10.0m)
  • Height 12.1ft (3.7m)
  • Empty Weight 7,717lbs (3,500kg)
  • Loaded Weight 10,075lbs (4,570kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 3.345
  • Wing Loading 62.1lbs/ft2 (303.4kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 162.1ft2 (15.1m2)
  • Drag Points 2979


  • Number of Parts 79
  • Control Surfaces 7
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    19.2k Ergithe


    2 months ago
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    90 Z3chi0

    Well, it's the simplest I've done so far but thanks. The only thing that limits my aircrafts' details is my phone. But thank for the upvote anyway.

    8 months ago
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    8,834 Jwpdaviesjr

    The landing gear is very detailed! Great job!

    8 months ago