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Boeing 767-200 (Gimli Glider)

60.4k EpicPigster1  3.7 years ago
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Special thanks to QingyuZhou for letting me base the cockpit off of his, BaconAircraft for making the flaps and helping with the engine size and Tully2001 for fixing the landing gear!

If this plane gets more than 40 upvotes I will continue making commerical airliners! I put alot of effort into it, especially with the fin number and registration, C-GAUN on the plane!

TRIM Down: Flaps
Brake: Spoilers, Brakes, Thrust Reversers
AG 1: Landing Lights
AG 2: Strobe Lights and Taxi Light
AG 3 + Throttle: RAM Air Turbine (RAT)
AG 4: Window Lights
AG 5 + Trim Down: Front Nose Gear Collapse
AG 8: Engines (Turn off before using the RAT)

To simulate Gimli Glider: Full flaps, then hit AG5. Bring gear down. Voila!

To takeoff: When not moving, keep brakes on so wheels don't jiggle. Full throttle, then pull back on the stick at 200mph.


General Characteristics

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  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 172.6ft (52.6m)
  • Length 167.8ft (51.1m)
  • Height 52.7ft (16.1m)
  • Empty Weight 433,488lbs (196,627kg)
  • Loaded Weight 473,185lbs (214,633kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.427
  • Wing Loading 30.2lbs/ft2 (147.7kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 15,644.2ft2 (1,453.4m2)
  • Drag Points 89719


  • Number of Parts 553
  • Control Surfaces 15