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4,250 Tyleeen  3.6 years ago

Hello gophers. For (again) the community of Soviet Russia, or rather for the faction of cultists. This rocket launcher was built. Suitable for reconnaissance: on the sea, on the ground, at night and during the day ... well, or the locomotive with a push to start. It has 7 missiles, 6 wheels, 1 water-jet engine and Ivan Mikhailovich as a driver-gunner.
1 Starting the engine. 2 Running mode on the water, Trim up. 3 opening of the weapons compartment. 4 dimensional and frontal lights.

General Characteristics

  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 13.1ft (4.0m)
  • Length 40.1ft (12.2m)
  • Height 8.6ft (2.6m)
  • Empty Weight 13,975lbs (6,339kg)
  • Loaded Weight 18,008lbs (8,168kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.935
  • Wing Loading -439,839.3lbs/ft2 (-2,147,483.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 8165


  • Number of Parts 220
  • Control Surfaces 0