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N-3.4 M S

7,212 XiaoPiao141  1.2 years ago

Indonesia Aerospace presents

But first to all

Happy Birthday to . . .

And this is for her birthday gift

"I'm going first, to the place of the person I like"

The world's first aircraft that can pass over the Ever-After at hypersonic speeds

N-3.4 M S Ever-After

This is the short version of the N-3.4 M but with Alchemy tech from Teyvat that makes it the aircraft possible to fly past the afterlife without even landing over it.

And there's a new technology behind the marvel of engineering

Next-Generation engine (and also the world's first Alchemy-driven engine)

With this engine, going to a high altitude will never be difficult since it's huge thrust and higher power-to-weight ratio push the plane above the supersonic limits.

Other features can be seen in the Manual Book (in the end)

The Story Behind the Development and Remastering

Traveling from Indonesia to the other side of the earth is still a very difficult task to overcome when it comes to time and speed. Even traveling to Teyvat is still a long story to come there. In IA R&D on Liyue, they found a theory that The world is divided by some dimensions from the gods into the overworld like Teyvat. I just come back from the box office after watching a film talking about the same thing and all of a sudden, I've inspired to build a plane that can pass over the "dimension when others are thinking most planes are disappear because they finally found the side and land over it". After that, I tried to find out whether the Teyvatski said is true or not I just go directly to Liyue and ask one of the alchemists onsite. They take me into a portal that looks like a "door" that requires a key. It was breathtaking scenery and the Alchemist said that they can upscale it but they need thick clouds that lay over the sky. The clouds were very thick and they made the experimental two-seat fighter jet that could bring it to the dimension they said. It was beautiful when it comes to getting inside and we keep flying as the rule said "KEEP FLY OR DEATH", and we were able to enter and exit the dimension without some issues. But there's a thing that makes me concerned, the SPEEDS (since the fighter hit Mach 5.5 in the afterlife to shorten the time realm in the overworld). And The alchemist says "The fast and higher its altitude in that dimension, the short time takes for going from A to B since there's timeless, only dead people can see you flying the plane. Even if you try to crash the plane, it gonna give you an extra chance to exit the afterlife by using the key to open the doors and don't forget to lock it back". After that, I come back to IA R&D in Jakarta and tell the people to design an aircraft that can fly past the afterlife without even landing on it. The single tail was selected since it was for Supersonic Transporter, but I decided to use a V-tail rudder for higher speed and less compromising about the handling because the Teyvatski wants to install the Alchemy-Driven engine that uses NO OILS, JUST THE ELECTRO CRYSTAL FOR FANS AND SLIME CONDENSATE OR M-LITE FOR SCRAMJETS. And by following the mission to use the Alchemy for sustainability, the aircraft showed up at Paris Air Show after 2 Years of designing and testing multiple times going and fourth places over the world via the afterlife.

And these are my photos (since anyone can't take any photos of me).

Afterburners at night

The Cockpit (Masterpiece of Sickness)

Afterlife people PoV (they want the plane to land there but it can't)

A Stripe Full of Memories (Explanation in Manual Book)


Name: N-3.4 M S
NATO Name: Tsubame Iwato
Max alt.: 61.000m (max), 30.000m - 51.000m (cruise)
Max Speed: M 12.25 (MAX), M 11.25 (CRUISE)
V Stall (IAS): 225 kph
Power plant: 4x S-24 Iwato High-Bypass Alchemy-Electric turbofan + Scramjet

For the instructions. Please read this Manual Book



General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 79.6ft (24.3m)
  • Length 151.0ft (46.0m)
  • Height 26.5ft (8.1m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 143,188lbs (64,949kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 105.751
  • Wing Loading 9.2lbs/ft2 (44.8kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 15,594.0ft2 (1,448.7m2)
  • Drag Points 668


  • Number of Parts 1584
  • Control Surfaces 10
  • Performance Cost 7,522
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    7,212 XiaoPiao141

    Since this was the most upvoted on N-3.4M series. I just wanna add a small question for this comment (just for fun). Where are the stripe of full memories based from? (clue on manual book)

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    Oh wow im such an dumbass guy i forgot about the panel at up

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    @XiaoPiao141 how do you start up this thing?

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    Cool plane! But my device is potato so I can't download it so take my upvote instead

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    16.0k Darkmoon

    I like it, very good design

    1.2 years ago