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YB-40 gunship

432 Braden  3 months ago
Auto Credit Based on Zott's Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress V0.0

i recently learned of this plane's existence while looking into if a B-17 gunship existed for building one off a real model kit. i then made a conversion to make that kit a YB-40. i did not make the airframe and i don't remember who did (sorry but all credit goes to you) today i was making my b-17 collection in game and i wanted a yb-40 and didnt find one so i just converted this one, also i saw someone made a post a few days ago about wanting one *to you; here you go! enjoy! ;)


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress V0.0
  • Successors 1 airplane(s) +62 bonus
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 100.2ft (30.5m)
  • Length 72.7ft (22.1m)
  • Height 22.9ft (7.0m)
  • Empty Weight 28,165lbs (12,775kg)
  • Loaded Weight 41,380lbs (18,770kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 6.516
  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.133
  • Wing Loading 31.5lbs/ft2 (153.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,312.4ft2 (121.9m2)
  • Drag Points 10718


  • Number of Parts 319
  • Control Surfaces 7
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    186 fridolin

    @Flash0of0green agreed

    2 months ago
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    10.7k Noname918181

    @FranzPeterSiegfried Yay

    3 months ago
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    @Noname918181 look at this, a gunship!

    +1 3 months ago
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    @Braden what a logical modification. though i think they could have fitted one more gun turret on it. smack dab in the middle of where the bomb bay was... noting says America then copious amounts of guns. X'D

    +1 3 months ago
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    432 Braden

    @Flash0of0green thats exactly what it is

    +2 3 months ago
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    @Braden so its a B-17 without a bomb bay, more armor, and guns?

    +1 3 months ago
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    Thank you!

    +1 3 months ago