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5,318 CKKI  5 days ago

Bug fixes!

About the model:

6-wheel all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle based on the KamAz - 65224 truck. The all-terrain vehicle was presented in 2017 at the exhibition of military equipment at the Alabino training ground in the Moscow region as part of the International Forum ForumArmy. Since 2017, the all-terrain vehicle is manufactured at the Mytishchi Instrument-Making Plant. This car is unique and has no analogues in the world. Designed for the conditions of the far North, this car is massively used in the ranks of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation.

About the model in Simple Planes:

The model is made on a scale close to 1:1. It has a 400-horsepower engine, a fully equipped kung salon, as well as realistic dynamic qualities


  • AG1-low beam on / off
  • AG2-turn on / off the high beam (only with low beam)
  • AG3-turn off the alarm
  • AG4-open the doors
  • AG5-folding extra beds in the kung
  • AG6-opening/closing the hood
  • AG7-on / off emergency signals
  • AG8-on / off stabilization

    Kung control:

  • VTOL > 0.75 - turning on the light in the kung

  • VTOL > 0.25-turning on the chandelier around the kung
  • Trim > 0.75 - opening doors between the units of the kung
  • Trim > 0.25-opening external mailboxes
  • Trim < -0.25 - opening windows
  • Trim < -0.75 - opening the external doors of the kung


KUNG from the inside

Opening doors

KamAz with unfolded shelves

Working lighting in kung

KamAZ with the windows open

KamAz with a reclined cab

KamAz with open boxes

KamAz with open doors in kung

What bugs have been fixed:

  • the wheels have stopped moving
  • the maximum speed on different devices is now the same
  • changed colors and so it looks better on the phone
  • added missing parts
  • suspension stopped exploding just like that on some maps


General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 9.0ft (2.8m)
  • Length 30.4ft (9.3m)
  • Height 11.0ft (3.4m)
  • Empty Weight 17,229lbs (7,815kg)
  • Loaded Weight 17,810lbs (8,078kg)


  • Wing Loading -439,839.3lbs/ft2 (-2,147,483.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 10041


  • Number of Parts 1135
  • Control Surfaces 0
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    0 KobzeR

    Do GAZ-3937 Vodnik

    3 days ago
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    @CKKI Thank you very very much for your guidance!

    4 days ago
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    5,318 CKKI

    @PaperCrafter1622 Congratulations on silver, my friend!

    4 days ago
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    13.9k MVC

    Ниче так

    4 days ago
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    @CKKI It's okay I did try the 500 part one

    4 days ago
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    5,318 CKKI

    @PaperCrafter1622, Well, I'm sorry, it's literally the headquarters of the special service on wheels

    4 days ago
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    Yahooooooo 1000+ Parts I'm dead

    4 days ago
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    4,348 RomanoMilos

    I play on an iPhone. The previous version lagged for me, the color was strange, the wheels were jumping, but everything is fine here, it does not lag at all and looks great!

    5 days ago
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    5,318 CKKI

    @TheLurkingVexedVortex, Speaking of suspension, I was never able to make it like a real analog. After all, one chassis of such an all-terrain vehicle costs 30 million rubles and it works perfectly. Here's a video by the way, if you want to see it in real life

    5 days ago
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    5,318 CKKI

    @TheLurkingVexedVortex, Yes, thank you. This is an updated version of the all-terrain vehicle I made a couple of days ago. It should be less laggy and made better than the previous version

    5 days ago
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    love the suspension

    5 days ago
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    5 days ago