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Promo video for my corp’s bomber

455 GiThatLikesPlanes  12 days ago
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    Plane looks very unique! You should try try cropping your video in the future to make it go faster.

    10 days ago
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    49.1k Tessemi


    +2 11 days ago
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    Ok, look im not sooo patient that i take a month for my plane, since im no adult and have school. So i also get holework amd this dose not realy fit, in the weekend i most of the timss go on the macbook and play unturned. BUT I HAVE BETTER NEWS! Im getting SP for my mac, sooo you might see BIG planes

    11 days ago
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    1,983 TUNDERTEAM

    @GiThatLikesPlanes hey nice plane when i was New in sp i was making tutorial planes whit small edits and you are making u own planes that is nice everyone can upgrade and make better planes just take your time in building

    +1 11 days ago
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    Im a noob at SP ok! Im telling ta! So id your better you should be better with the plane

    12 days ago