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So i'm foolin' around in Mulriplayer now!

75.5k TakicraftCorporation  1.4 years ago

Hey there!

My well experienced colleague @Spikerya gave me a great idea.

I can use mulriplayer mod to show off my upcomming creations.

So i decided to get into the magic word of SLMP. I did a couple 'incognito' flybys with my non-released helicopter two weeks ago, so if you were lucky, you have seen what's my very next post will be. I usually using this server:

But i'll try others too, if you can tell me another server number in the comments

And today i also want to promote a new vehicle, on the mentioned server from 6:00 GMT (that's 8:00 in Easter European time zone i think)

See you there!

Ps.: I'm not using my SP name, but you'll noice me i'm sure!

Thanks for the reading!
Have a nice day/night/evening