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Suggestions for upgrading 1.8 ?2

70.6k RussianAS  5 months ago

And again, a suggestion from me about Update 1.8.

This time, which our Favorite developers may well realize.

  • Hollow fuselages. They are many asked.

  • Editing weapons. To change the presence of an Explosive in the same bombs, 200kg is not everyone likes a bomb, I would like a bomb to 5 or 20 tons.

  • More intelligent artificial intelligence, why not? for Bots sometimes love to take each other to the ram, they do not use tactics, and they cannot be controlled with ground equipment in fact (Missions / Racing are not considered)

  • New islands. After all, in four years not a single new core ...

  • Volumetric clouds.

  • Bomber turrets. Look at the Ships, they have turrets, but you do not.

  • Any events, here I already ask for your suggestions in the comments.

  • Caterpillars. Tank. For they at least stood on the B-36 bombers.

  • Unmanaged air-to-air missiles.

  • A more realistic damage system, or changing the texture of a damaged part. After all, when a bullet hits the armor, it does not blush.

  • Specified route actions for bots.

That's all, please comment on all this.

The text is translated with the help of Google Translator.

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    2,851 Zoomzoom999

    Don't forget changing weapon lock-on type like active, semi-active, infrared, air to air, and air to ground. (Target type needs to be added into main game instead of through xml)

    5 months ago
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    Yes. Definitely hollow fuselages for cargo planes and just planes in general.

    +1 5 months ago