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free to use planes THAT ARE LOW PART COUNT.

981 Parehare  yesterday

Imagine your PC can hold 4000 parts without crashing in one game, think of a battle of planes that only have planes that are (rounded) 50 parts or even less then that in one game. In theory you could have like a 80 plane battle.

I’m making little planes that are free to use no credit needed.
You can put them on carriers or just you around with them.
Here are my first two

I would love to see what you would want me to do.

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    981 Parehare

    @1gecko 7 dollars

    12 hours ago
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    2,687 Kipo

    @1gecko ahh yes.

    14 hours ago
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    1,490 1gecko

    Ah yes pay to use planes that other people make
    simpleplanes dies

    18 hours ago
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    1,702 KingOog000

    [simpleplanes site] (

    @Parehare here’s an example

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    981 Parehare

    @PapaKernels REEE

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    14.0k PapaKernels

    You can put a link in like this
    [nameforlink] (actual link)
    Just get rid of the space in between them, get rid of the space in between them!!! I tell people to do that and the dont, do it!!