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The Stuntpark Aviation Company

138 RepublicOfStuntpark  5 months ago

What is the Stuntpark Aviation Company?

The Stuntpark Aviation Company is based in the Republic of Stuntpark. It is the Republic of Stuntpark's biggest producer of aircraft. They have designed many of the SAF's planes, and are partially owned by the ROS. They have not been able to sell a plane to a foreign country, as they are too small of a company to get much attention.

Current Aircraft

EB-10 (Cancelled)
CJA-120 (Prototype)


SAC HQ|Wright Island, Republic of Stuntpark
John H. Carmen Factory|Sawraze, Republic of Stuntpark
SAC Surplus Building|Wright Island, Republic of Stuntpark
SAC Showroom|Sawraze, Republic of Stuntpark