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[ARCHIVED EDITION] The Stuntpark Times October 17, 2018

138 RepublicOfStuntpark  5 months ago

Welcome to the Stuntpark Times; the Republic of Stuntpark's first and only newspaper.

Two days ago, at 1:00 PM, President of Stuntpark PotatoJenkins, gave a speech on live TV. In this speech, he spoke about the country's current economic state, and stated that it had "risen well above the developing/second world line." People were skeptical, but today at 5:30 PM, the UN confirmed that Stuntpark was now a second world country. The citizens of Stuntpark were overjoyed at that statement. Carl Hammond, director of the ROF Board of Tourism, stated this: "40 years ago, when the Civil War happened, I never would have guessed that in only 35 years, the country would be back to its original state."
In other news, the prototype for the SAF's new light bomber has been completed, and is said to take its maiden flight within the next couple of weeks. Not much other information was given regarding the subject.