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hinge movement after a certain speed? (Funky trees)

8,647 NAD  8 months ago

Hello there,

I have the following input on a hinge - rate(RollAngle)

but i only wish it to happen after a certain velocity, anyone may assist me in this one? Cheers

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    8,647 NAD

    @edensk @Avro683Lancaster @SnoWFLakE0s Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, both solutions work 100%.

    +2 8 months ago
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    35.3k SnoWFLakE0s

    You can, use only logic to handle operations, but it makes the code far simpler if you just use selection by calculation, using 0 and 1 instead of false / true (-1, 1).

    +2 8 months ago
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    @edensk clamp01() shouldn't be necessary when using boolean operators, I would instead suggest Airspeed>X ? rate(RollAngle) : 0

    +2 8 months ago
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    11.5k edensk

    rate(RollAngle) * clamp01(IAS>x)
    x is the speed above which it activates.

    +3 8 months ago