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Me-262a1/u4 Pulkzerstörer (PICTURES)

2,319 Davisplanez  one year ago

The Me-262a1/u4 Pulkzerstörer was an Adaption to the Me-262 By stripping it of it's four MG-151 Armament and placing a Single MK-214 50mm Cannon on It. It was Originally Designed as a Counter to B-24 Raids on German Oilfields.


The Size of the Single MK-214 Cannon.

Guncam Kill.

The Power of the Cannon. Shreds enemies to Pieces.

Tank Busting. (This was never It's intended Role.)

I did not Make this. This is @FairFireFight's Me-262 But Stripped of Armament and Replaced. This may Be the First kind of Aircraft on the Site, But Please Note that this Isn't my Creation.