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Shelved projects

2,006 BonapartePierceAviation  8 months ago

These are Projects that I'm gonna get done eventually but are currently shelved for development of other projects.

Monarch: Medium Airliner based on the C-93 Skytrain.
Current Status: Shelved.

Columbus: Fighter jet based on the X-89 Copernicus.
Current Status: Conceptual.

Betty: Slow propeller transport with a new airframe.
Current status: Conceptual.

Crossbow: F-42 based Missile carrying system.
Current status: Conceptual

Monument to my pet bearded dragon "Ty". (He's not dead don't worry)
"Longbow" Idea for a Rocket based long range missile carrier.
Wreckage designs for F-42, C-16, C-16B, SAR-77, X-89, X-05