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New Beta - v1.10.103

Dev AndrewGarrison  5 months ago

A new beta is now available on Steam. It should be available soon on mobile. Hopefully later tonight for Android, and maybe a day or two for iOS. The previous beta post is here.


  • Added support for the iOS Files App.
  • Added a fuseInput parameter to cannons to set shell fuse on FT.
  • Prevent the cockpit from falling through the terrain.
  • Fixed a bug where bombs would fall through the terrain without exploding.
  • Fix bomb explosions looking awful at extremely high scales.
  • Fixed a bug where glass fuselages with different cross sections that were connected would hide their front and back faces.
  • fixed a bug in overload with default part scales.
  • Fixed a bug where the magnet would stop working when the aircraft fired a weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where the magnet may not work when set to AG 8 and within close proximity to an object on start.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash on macOS when the user clicked Cancel when selecting an image for blueprints.
  • Fixed FT = operator not working on mobile (SelectedWeapon, boolean comparison).
  • Fixed "MultiRole" attribute not working on missiles.
  • Fixed highly-opaque glass showing dark in the designer.
  • Fixed the rate(TargetDistance) expression.



  1. Open the Steam client and go to your Library
  2. Right-click on SimplePlanes and select Properties
  3. Go to the Betas tab
  4. Select Public Test from the beta dropdown
  5. Click Close

Google Play

Note: The Google Play version is not available yet.

The Google Play version is still rolling out and will take a few hours. Go to this link and opt-in to beta test.


You can sign up for it here and you will be notified via TestFlight when it is available.

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    Dev WNP78

    @DeathStalker627 The fuseInput parameter can be added to the Cannon modifier. It takes an expression defined with Funky Trees and sets the fuse time of a shell to that time when the shell is fired. Here's a good starter expression that accounts for some velocity of the target (but not gravity, or change in closure rate).
    fuseInput = TargetSelected ? TargetDistance / (1000 - rate(TargetDistance)) : 60 (where 1000 is replaced with projectile velocity).

    Pinned 5 months ago
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    If you find a bug, please submit a bug report here. The most helpful thing you can do is to describe how we can recreate the problem. The more likely we can reproduce the problem at the office, the more likely we can fix it.

    Also, on mobile you can now find your log file which is very helpful for us for debugging. On iOS, open the Files app and go to On My iPhone -> SimplePlanes -> player.log. If you submit a bug report, please email us that log file at On Android, the process should be similar. Just open your favorite file browser app and navigate to SimplePlanes files and send us the player.log file.

    Pinned 5 months ago
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    1,841 Imtiaak

    @AndrewGarrison Can you make an built in free cam mod

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    @Numbers @TastyTanks thx for the tip.

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    [Words to show as clickable link](https://linkyouwanttoshow)

    +1 4 months ago
  • Profile image

    @Numbers k

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    Sooo @AndrewGarrison if I changed my profile to like my possible YouTube channel @MCmythbuster will I keep my progress and all of my builds ya know what I mean by that?

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    Can I get a tutorial on how to get mods for iPhone SP?

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    IDK if that's even possible.

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    @TastyTanks oh I was going to make a dive bomber but I wanted it to Whistle can anybody send me a link to a whistling contraption

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    Unless Google changes their requirements, that won't be possible.

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    Can you make hollow fuselage blocks whistle

    4 months ago
  • Profile image
    2,337 SimpleJets

    We need underwater cams and scenery@AndrewGarrison

    +3 4 months ago
  • Profile image

    @AndrewGarrison can you bring back mods for andriod

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    All the AI controller part needs is a rotator and a hinge rotator connected to it through via Attachment Editior and the ai control part can use the guns via if it is assigned to it in the ai controller settings.

    +2 4 months ago
  • Profile image

    Another idea is after the previous one is in the game, add AI controllers, so when you turn a action button on, it automatically detects the enemy, and shoots at them at perfect or non perfect angles, and distance. Note this: it cannot be used as an option of aircraft carrier fighter use.

    +1 4 months ago
  • Profile image

    Imagine that but on a ship

    +1 4 months ago
  • Profile image

    Like the Flakpanzer IV

    +1 4 months ago
  • Profile image

    Or an anti air vehicle/tank firing at an aircraft with these rounds

    +1 4 months ago
  • Profile image

    New huge idea, add new cannon options like, shrapnel and flak rounds that set can be set at certain ranges to burst and release fragments in the air, fragment count, speed, distance, and altitude as cannon round settings, and an ideal for more cannon options for the future, but this one makes me want a more of a WW2 style of warfare on the sea, shooting at aircraft with rapid fire quad flak turrents, rapidly firing at an aircraft while making explosions in the sky, and a option to switch rounds during the game and not in the designer!

    +1 4 months ago
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    0 Tlloyd

    Have you ever wanted to completely convert a bus into a personal rv

    +3 5 months ago
  • Profile image

    Since the beta went out theres so many bugs!

    +2 5 months ago
  • Profile image

    Found a bug again wen you set your location to the uss beast catapult and hit restart it will spawn you on the water...

    5 months ago
  • Profile image

    @Asdgamer1111 ay dont know ask andrew maybe he knows

    5 months ago
  • Profile image

    @MASTERDUMBO and how can you fix it?

    5 months ago
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