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Hover Jet Sled - VR

4,396 JuanShot2Go  24 days ago
Auto Credit Based on JuanShot2Go's Vectored Thrust Racer with AI(PID) Assist

For a better build which has been tested optimized and calibrated for VR click here

Based on the winner of the "Future Car Challenge". The Hover Rocket Sled is an experimental concept vehicle that showcases the newer features of Simpleplanes. It has a fully functional cockpit and touch controls suitable for a VR experience.


Retract the Landing Gear to start and use Trim to select drive mode, Pitch for acceleration and Brake and Throttle for cruise control. Roll to turn.

Gold Prix

The Rocket Sled is easy and fun to drive because under the hood it uses Funky trees to stabilize the vehicle with PID controllers and variables. When you select a driving mode the vehicle reconfigures its performance profile and cockpit display to suit the different conditions. Click on the speedo to change its units from Kph to Mph, It has a single engine and uses thrust vectoring for maneuvering and propulsion.

Drive mode is the best balance of speed and control. Sports Mode is for racing, trading stability for speed. Low mode is for off road and mountain climbing. Raw mode removes the speed limiters.

Open Canopy
This is the master of the off-road racetracks. If you want to experience Mark2 speeds take it out to sea.

1. Release Landing Gear to Hover
2. Select a driving mode with Trim
3. Use Throttle or Pitch to accelerate and decelerate
4. Use Roll to turn

Driving Modes(Displayed in Cockpit)
P = Parked. no movement
D=Drive Mode. 0-360Kmh
S=Sports Mode. 0-900kph for Racing
L=Low speed Mode. For Cross country and Mountain Climbing
R=Raw. 0-2000Kph with less stability control

Extras (Available as Cockpit Buttons)
Activate1 - Open the Canopy
Activate2 - Turn off PID hover and use Throttle-Manual Mode
Activate3 - Changes display of Engine Demand to Throttle
Activate5 - Changes Units from Kph to Mph
Activate6 - Changes Roll input from Turning to Lateral Movement
Activate7 - Releases the Parachute
Activate8 - Disables the Gyroscopes

Thanks to
SnoWFLakE0s - For answering my many math and Funky Trees questions
A thanks to all those seriously OP brains that inhabit the discord servers for your tips and hints.

**One of the great things about the new variables feature is that you don't need to dig down into the build for adjustments. I've tweaked one of the settings and can show you how easy it is to update.

Open Variables dialogue

Locate the RollPID Variables

Update to match

or copy and paste these code blocks



General Characteristics


  • Power/Weight Ratio 12.907
  • Wing Loading 5.9lbs/ft2 (28.8kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,062.9ft2 (98.8m2)
  • Drag Points 48


  • Number of Parts 215
  • Control Surfaces 10
  • Performance Cost 1,180
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    very unfunctional fuck you

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    6,929 Cereal

    Very cool

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    6,922 Aweyer26


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    4,396 JuanShot2Go

    Got it. Thanks.

    24 days ago
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    @JuanShot2Go the tag you are missing is just "challenge". I think this build fits more the experimental category tbh

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    7,877 DrenasPort

    wait we got 2 juans

    24 days ago
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    4,396 JuanShot2Go

    Thanks for the kind words and the tip. Much appreciated. I've updated the tags to the challenge to fit the categories except, I cant access the "VR challenge" tag, it only lets me set it to "VR".

    24 days ago
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    7,653 BeastHunter

    You need challenge tag to enter it in the VR challenge. If you enter, this could probably win! And this version is mobile friendly so I can use it. Awesome build!

    24 days ago
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    105 Iamanoob

    A update of my favorite land based build. Epic!!

    24 days ago