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Congratulations. You’ve made an excellent choice by reading this bio. You could have picked any user bio to read, but you chose this one. That’s because you are a cultured person, one of discerning taste. And when it comes to user bios on SimplePlanes, I, xYoshii_, deliver unparalleled memes, knowledge, and comedic twists on avgeeks and weebs around the world. You’re going to want to follow. This is the greatest user bio on SimplePlanes.

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xYoshii_: Providing excellent, quality SimplePlanes content since 2017.

Glory to Ukraine.

(as you can see, I am not your average Ace Combat fan.)

why does nobody like Rhino from Girly Air Force?

Grun 1 encourages you to love Rhino and make the anime world a better place!

Rhino did nothing wrong.

Previously known as melojam